What is integrated promotion?

Integrated promotional plan refers to set up promotional campaigns in all effective channels for specific audience to send same message.

Effective channels for Integrated Promotion are –

  • Bulk SMS
  • OBD Blast
  • Social Media (Mainly Facebook, Instagram)
  • Search Engine Marketing

Why Integrated Promotion?

  • Can be reached all types of audience.
  • Can be reached to targeted audiences.
  • Increases awareness.
  • Multiple types of promotional content can be used.
  • Cost effective than print or electronic media.
  • Instant analysis helps to find audience engagement.
  • Easy to maintain virtually.

Who are eligible for Integrated Promotion?

  • All kind businesses or entrepreneurships
  • Persons who want to send message for own agenda (like – election candidates)
  • Organizations want to send awareness message to specific audience

It’s open to all to reach to targeted audience instantly. Everyone is eligible for Integrated Promotion Strategy.

Approximate Costing

Bulk SMS

Promotional SMS will be sent direct to Mobile Numbers.

Costing: SMS + VAT / SMS
Price: BDT- 0.30

OBD Blast

Promotional recorded voice will be sent direct to Mobile Numbers.

Costing: OBD + VAT / 60 Sec
Price: BDT- 0.70

Note: 1 second pulse, only charged on successful call.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram

Promotional post will be shown to targeted audiences.

Costing: Cost / Per 1000 Impression (View)
Price: BDT- 100.00

Note: Multiple impression to same user will increase the cost.

Google Ad

Search Engine, Website, YouTube, Android Apps

Promotional content will be shown to targeted audience through various google products.

Costing: Min Cost / Per 1 Click
Price: BDT- 2.00

Note: Rate can be increased if the bidding competition getting high.